Established in 1990 in Hsinchu County, Taiwan, DITERNA is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive chassis, who started to export globally backed by its own international sales team set up in 2013 rather than via traders as it did originally. Dedicating to provide over 2000 kinds of auto spare parts, DTN is aware of mainstream trends to turn out products enabling customers to achieve sales easily. As a result, our status has been outstanding in both the worldwide and domestic market for years so far.



    Trusted by professional: commitment to quality and guarantee of delivery time set us apart from the competition.

    DTN’s achievement comes from our customer’s satisfaction and our commitment to them.
  • 1990
    Established in 1990 in Hsinchu County, Taiwan.
  • 1995
    Ditema Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. is a locally renowned maker of automotive chassis and suspension parts.
  • 2013
    Started to export globally backed by its own international sales team set up in 2013 rather than via traders as it did originally.
  • 2013
    Participate In AAPEX SHOW.


With automotive parts manufacturers in fierce competition in recent years, product quality is no longer guaranteed since some makers might reduce cost to lower price, but we still invest sizably in R&D to maintain quality, a strategy for success that has shown effective amid cut-throat rivalry. We have been focused on the pursuit of excellence and rapid development for new products in auto parts as global distributors depend on. These allow our customers to be ahead of the field in selling not only stable quality, but also the latest auto parts into the market, securing their market position.


To get the customer’s trust as long term partnership for business is our priority. Therefore, the producers persist in using the highest quality-control standards and cautious manufacturing process to achieve the customer’s expectation even surpass. Thus they have been constantly improving and optimizing its techniques to meet international quality level. At the same time, we are proud of our enthusiasm for teamwork, creativity for skill and confidence for industry culture.


We are the leading supplier with over 30 years of professional experience and ISO 9001-certified company specializing in Engine mount, Control arm bush, Strut mount, Air hose, Stabilizer bush and so on, we cover all of Japanese, American and Korean vehicles …etc in global aftermarket. However, we are willing to face new challenges which were created by consistently providing affordable and innovative products exported throughout the world.


From mold building to packaging are checked strictly by our quality inspector. Throughout the mold development process, discussions cover every stage and testing process in order to control design quality and evaluate results. Before mass production begins, the sample is run and inspected for fit and appearance to ensure that all subsequent products will be high quality. On the other hand, we send the sample to lab to obtain more data by testing different characteristic. After a large scale begin, to monitor the consistency of product quality over time. DTN is regularly audited by certification body as below:

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