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    DTN’s R& D team completely evaluates mold design specifications and product materials through strict CAD/CAE/CAM analysis. Every step in the development of new products including: Mold Design, Mold Production Capability, Production Trial & Evaluation & Mass Production is handled by professional engineers. Once a part has been fully evaluated and developed for mass production, it must then be certified by a series of physical-mechanical test, ensuring it complies with high quality standards requested in the market.
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    Every step in DTN’s production line is conducted with extreme precision to ensure all quality standards are attained throughout the manufacturing process. Through years of experience and strict ISO 9001 instruction, DTN has successfully developed complete educational training in our manufacturing department to maintain quality while containing costs.
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    Abrasive blasting
    Abrasive blasting is a process to remove surface contaminants and smooth it from a rough surface by steel shoot peening. It is a crucial phase before antirust treatment and ED because it will directly affect the efficiency of electrophoretic deposition and appearance.
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    Machine welding
    In order to enhance the stability of our product quality and to avoid the potential of man-made errors, DTN has applied the Robotic Spot Welding Machine, which essentially reduce the variables of manual assembly.
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    Rubber forming
    Vulcanization is based on the chemical reaction of rubber with temperature and the precondition to give rubber its required NVH – mainly stiffness and damping – performance characteristics. The most important factor for a perfect result is the perfect combination of temperature, pressure and time. By rubber injection molding machine, we form different rubber parts with specific data setting.
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    Hydraulic assembly
    Finally, assembling semi-finished products to finished products be Hydraulic press machine.

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